Based on the colorful Mexican loteria cards of chance, random characters and ideas collide in this series of one act plays.  Recently her first Loteria play, THE ACTING LESSON won the 2012 HBO New York International Latino Film Festival Short Film Competition and is currently playing on HBO.


Camila has just been promoted to the head of the Latin American Art Department at a major NYC auction house when she is presented with one of her great Aunt Amelia's paintings as a last minute inclusion for auction.  The authenticity of the painting is questionable, Camila's dedication to her great Aunt is not forcing Camila to decide between her own burgeoning career and Amelia's legacy.


Camila has hit a wall in New York. Her grandmother, Alicia, has just lost the love of her life when her husband dies.  Each at a crossroads, have to come to terms with what life handed them while they were expecting something else. Both emerge after a sardonic but tender battle of wills.


The baby bachelor of the family has finally found someone to call his own.  When he brings her home on Thanksgiving to meet the family, EVERYBODY is sorry he did.





A short film about the impossibility of our simplest of desires. Camila, secretly in love with her best friend Spencer, tell him about a time when she was little and wanted to touch the moon.  Comparing it to the elusiveness of love in her life, She describes events both as they happened and as she wishes them to be, merging fantasy and memory in her present day reality.   


Pain is funny.  Separation, death, humiliation, all of it fodder for the characters Camila encounters on her trip to Havana via Miami in this ferociously comic and moving tale about life seen through the Cuban lens. 



Artist Pablo Cano,  has asked me to write a play for his incredible marionettes which was performed at MOCA in Miami in October-December of 2006 and at Miami's Art Basel 2006.  This was quite a change of pace for me as it was completely surreal and the only parameters were that the play take place under the sea and I had 20 marionettes to write for.  It was an inspired and fantastic collaboration. For a great article on Pablo's approach please go to letraurbana on the net.



Charles Busch and Carl Andress have written a wonderful screenplay and I got to be a part of it!  I play Terri-the way overenthusiastic nurse to the amazing Polly Bergen.  It's a tremendous cast (Carl Andress, Polly Bergen, Charles Busch, Julie Halston, Dana Ivey, J.Cameron Smith and PJ Verhoest) and it was great to be around so many ridiculously talented actors and crew members.  It had it's world premier at the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival and won Honorable Mention for the "Made in NY" Best Narrative Feature. 



In October of 2004 I was asked to perform RUM & COKE at Wellesley College.  I had a great time and was particularly impressed by the uber-intelligent and articulate students I got to talk to.  So naturally, this year when Raul Rubio asked my permission to teach RUM & COKE in his Hispanic Theatre and Performance class I said, "Really?  Great!  Go crazy!".  How's that for sister school dialogue?  Kidding aside, I look forward to co
ntinuing my relationship with the incredible professors and students at Wellesley.



Working with a fantastic group of women to make a REAL difference for young  women in Miami was incredible.  I can't encourage you enough to visit VDAY.ORG and support Eve's astounding work of bettering the world one woman at a time.  Also-please visit Casa Valentina,  they need and deserve our support in helping young women aging out of foster care get the safe start they have earned.



La Tea theatre put together an evening of performances to benefit survivors of hurricane Katrina and I performed 'JUANA' from RUM & COKE.   It was thrilling to see the donations stacking up in the theatre and the spirit of unity and commitment was electric.  When Cuba's revolutionary government drafted their constitution stating that all children belonged to the state, my grandparents smuggled my mother and her siblings to New Orleans to safety and freedom.  New Orleans was there for my family when we needed them and I'm thankful to La Tea for giving me this opportunity to give the smallest but not the last expression of my gratitude.



Performing rum and coke at the San Carlos building in Key West was an incredible experience.  C.A.B.A has worked tirelessly to restore this historic home away from home and having the opportunity to act on the same stage that Jose Marti spoke from was an honor I will always cherish.  GO TO C.A.B.A



I'm really excited to announce University of Chicago's online literary magazine OTIUM has chosen rum and coke for their inaugural issue.  This online magazine has great work in it and I'm totally thrilled they have chosen to include my first play! GO TO OTIUM



Songs From Coconut Hill 3rd Annual Latino Playwrights Festival 

by Karen Torres, Cyn Canel Rossi and Angie Cruz co-starring with Eva Larue, Caridad de la Luz,  Fulvia Vergel and Gil Arribas.  I played a Cuban guardian angel on death row in the second act called 'them kinda women'.   I know it's death row people, but there were some good laughs in it!    Plus I got to wear pink wings!