FEATURED IN:  NY Times, NY Daily News, W magazine photographed by Bruce Weber, The Miami Herald, El Herald, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun, The Villager, The Westsider, Diario de las Americas and Vanidades.


CRITICS PICKS: NY Times, NY Press, Sun Sentinel, The Miami Herald and

The Street, Sun Times



" funny, touching, insightful and heart-rending appealing to everyone.  Peláez hits on so much truth, so much generous laughter that you're a bound to hear sobs from some of the people around you. Or to sob yourself. These are the tears that come when you feel yourself understood."

                                                       -Christine Dolen The Miami Herald


"Poignant... She embodies Cuban and Cuban-American Women...acting them beautifully..."

                                                      -Caryn James The New York Times


"Sweet & Intoxicating... richly embroidered show...As a writer, Peláez's greatest gift is the specificity of character that she creates"

                                                       -Barbara & Scott Siegel


"With her expansive smile...Peláez deftly captures a myriad of personalities...She commands the stage"

                                                      -Harry Forbes Backstage


"This woman is a dynamo."

                                                      -Robert Rudin New York Theatre Guide


"...impressive one woman show...90 engrossing minutes...Peláez is an excellent mimic, she's able to give distinctly different voice to each character, from the young and spirited to the tired and defeated...poigniant and dynamic"

                                                                          -Peter Filichia The Star Ledger


"rum & coke is the kind of inexpensively produced gem, a real find for purists, that could run based on Peláez’s ineffable charm alone..."

                                                     -Kevin Manganaro


"Peláez is reminiscent of Whoopi Goldberg and Lily Tomlin in their Broadway outings.  As good a storyteller she is, Pelez is an even better comedy writer much in the same way of Neil Simon, Woody Allen, Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks. Pelaez is able to translate the universal humor and specific attitudes of another culture."

                                                     -Savannah Whaley New Times

"rum & coke offers up a sweet and tropical experience with just enough twists of lime..What makes this show unique is how it takes you to Cuba and back in about 90 have much to reflect on afterwards....speak(s) to the ways in which we are all people displaced from our ancestral homes.  Directed with stylishness by Carl Andress, Peláez shines along with the beautiful images and photos...And in these times, it is a timely piece for all to enjoy."

                                                    -Gheeta Citygirl


"Rum & Coke, a bubbling, invigorating highball of laughter and pain"

                                                   -Jerry Tallmer The Villager


"Young and talented Carmen Peláez weaves together a brilliant tapestry of emotional roller coaster you'll want to ride over and over again."

                                                   -Sam Finklestein Entertainment News & Views


"A moving oral history thanks to Peláez's presentation an effective and engaging one."

                                                   -Richard Christansen Chicago Tribune


"Rum & Coke is such a marvelous piece of theatre the comedy of the piece and despite its sorrowful sections, the wealth of humor to be found-has no nationality."

                                                   -Catey Sullivan Press Publications


"Rum & Coke is a perfect example of what beauty can be created when an actor decides to break the stereotypes"

                                                   -Nancy Moricette The Torch


"Playwright spices up daring one-woman show.  Peláez refreshens that seemingly cliched journey."

                                                   -Bill Hirshman Sun Sentinel


"One of those talents that is exciting to discover. Run to see this enchanting play"

                                                   -Mari Rodriguez Ichaso  Vanidades


"Carmen Peláez, a wild spirited Cuban fireball captures many hearts with  Rum & Coke a sexy rotund woman, and a real show biz ham (she) creates an abundance of Cuban atmosphere with slick dance movements and sultry facial expressions"

                                                  -Mary Anne Christiano The Westsider


"Peláez more than acts out her different characters, she channels them onto the stage. Peláez has a way of balancing laughter with heartache pain and joy. Keep your eyes on the lookout for more of Carmen Peláez"

                                                   -Randall McCormick UniverCity





"Rum and Coke really hits home and Senorita Carmen Peláez is one talented Cubanita....and I know from talented Cubans!"

                                            -Lucie Arnaz


"I found her an enormously likeable and sympathetic performer and was particularly struck by the writing which is touching and smart."

                                          -Charles Busch Tony-nominated actor/playwright 

                                                                          as quoted in The Miami Herald


"Carmen is a natural-- a fabulous  performer-- see  this  show!" 

                                            - Julie Halston


"(Betty Friedan) raves about Rum & Coke, the one-woman play about the search for Cuban identity"

                                              -Ana Venciana Suarez The Miami Herald


"Te la jamaste!"

                                             -Lupe L. Miami Senior High School.


"I loved it!  With capital letters!"

                                               -Miriam Cruz New York City



LIFE 360


"Cuban-American Performance Artist Carmen Peláez created one of the most indelible stories so far: an exploration of Cuban food."

                                                -Manuel Mendoza Dallas Morning News


"and listen to performer Carmen Pelaez’s & Margaret Cho's views on nourishment.  Now thats the kind of programming that should inspire Network Execs next year."

                                                -Ramin Zahed  Daily Variety





"As a smart, funny writer and performer with a compelling story and theatrical background whose work is not conducive to stand up clubs, Carmen represents why PSNBC has become home to actors and writers."

                                                 -Lou Viola Quoted in The Hollywood Reporter




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